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    Le CRTC ordonne à CJMS de fermer le 31 aôut

    Stéphane Dumas

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    Date d'inscription : 07/07/2012

    Le CRTC ordonne à CJMS de fermer le 31 aôut Empty Le CRTC ordonne à CJMS de fermer le 31 aôut

    Message par Stéphane Dumas Sam 1 Aoû - 13:08

    Fagstein a posté un billet sur cette nouvelle.

    After more than a decade of the station failing to meet its licence obligations, the CRTC decided Friday it has had enough, and refused to renew the licence of St-Constant country music station CJMS 1040 AM. As a result, it will no longer legally be allowed on the air after Aug. 31.
    The decision reads:
    In light of the severity and recurrence of the current instances of non-compliance; of the station’s history of non-compliance and the licensee’s actions, which demonstrate a poor understanding of its conditions of licence and regulatory obligations, or a lack of willingness to respect them; of its inability to implement the necessary measures to ensure compliance; and of its disregard for the Commission’s authority and for its responsibilities as a broadcaster, the Commission is convinced that the imposition of conditions of licence or of mandatory orders, a suspension, or a short-term licence renewal would not be effective measures. Consequently, the Commission finds that not renewing the licence is the only appropriate measure in the circumstances.
    In a separate decision also released Friday, the commission also refused to renew the licence of troublesome station CFOR-FM Maniwaki.
    Stéphane Dumas

    Messages : 14406
    Date d'inscription : 07/07/2012

    Le CRTC ordonne à CJMS de fermer le 31 aôut Empty CJMS 1040 n'est plus en ondes

    Message par Stéphane Dumas Jeu 31 Déc - 22:13

    Fagstein a posté un nouveau billet sur le sujet.

    CJMS 1040 AM has gone off the air again, and this time it could be for good.
    On Dec. 22, a three-judge panel of the Federal Court of Appeal dismissed an application by CJMS owner Groupe Média PAM Inc. for leave to appeal a decision by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission that refused to renew the station’s licence.
    Judges Marc Nadon, Richard Boivin and Marianne Rivoalen rejected the request by CJMS to overturn the decision and keep the station on the air.
    On Sept. 14, two weeks after the licence expired (and after a first attempt was rejected as not following proper procedure), Judge Denis Pelletier granted a temporary injunction allowing the station to keep operating while the application to appeal was heard. With the decision rendered, that injunction becomes moot and CJMS was forced to shut down.
    CJMS’s argument was that the CRTC treated it unfairly, and should not have given any weight to licence violations committed by the station’s previous owner (Jean Ernest Pierre, who also owns Haitian station CJWI 1410 AM, bought CJMS in 2014 after the last time the CRTC threatened to pull its licence).
    The decision is unsurprising. In two previous cases cited by CJMS in its application, the court also sided with the CRTC and ordered the stations off the air.
    Meanwhile, the CJMS brand continues as an online-only station run by former host Jocelyn Benoit. On the same day the court rendered its decision, Benoit announced the appointment of a vice-president, Chantal Normandin.

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