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    Les station de radio sportives en prennent pour leur rhume

    Stéphane Dumas

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    Date d'inscription : 07/07/2012

    Les station de radio sportives en prennent pour leur rhume Empty Les station de radio sportives en prennent pour leur rhume

    Message par Stéphane Dumas Sam 13 Juin - 9:18

    Fagstein a posté ce billet sur les station de radio sportives qui en avaient pris pour leur rhume dû à la Covid-19 qui avait fait baisser leur côtes d'écoute.

    I had an idea for a blog post with a cool analysis showing the changes in radio listening because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It would show, through a bunch of number-crunching, that Canadians turned away from music radio stations as they stopped going to work, but kept in touch with news-talk stations.

    Unfortunately, the data didn’t have my back here. I compared average minute audience measured by Numeris from this spring (March to May) versus last spring, and looked at the relative change in audience. While some news-talkers did well (98.5 and CJAD in Montreal), others did badly (CBC Radio One here and in some other cities).

    There were some undeniable trends, though, and they aren’t terribly surprising:

    Sports radio: Without sports, there’s much less interest in hearing it or talking about it. Every sports-talk station in Canada’s five largest markets lost audience, between 50% to 72%. Hardest hit was Montreal’s 91,9 Sports.

    All-traffic stations were also hit, but because there are only two of them in Canada and they have very low audience, it’s hard to really quantify that.

    Less listening overall: Montreal’s total average-minute audience was 202,600 a year ago, and 167,400 this spring, the lowest level since Numeris began publishing overall AMA numbers in 2015. Across Canada, the same deal, with each of the five major markets losing between 10 and 18% of its average audience.

    So with that out of the way, here’s how the ratings break down by city:

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