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Lorne Greene's New Wilderness

Stéphane Dumas

Messages : 14375
Date d'inscription : 07/07/2012

Lorne Greene's New Wilderness Empty Lorne Greene's New Wilderness

Message par Stéphane Dumas Dim 11 Sep - 9:51

See what it's like to live like a Japanese snow monkey. This episode follows the lives of four groups of snow monkeys, from those relatively untouched in the far north to the coddled and celebrated darlings of the south. Each group has its own inventive way of surviving. The tale of the snow monkey is the tale of a remarkable survivor - they're amazingly smart, adaptable animals.

Host/narrator: Lorne green Executive producer: Lorne Greene Producers: Charles Greene, Stephen W. Dewar.

"You are about to see our world through very different eyes, and experience life as it is lived by other creatures that share our planet. you'll enjoy their pleasures and endure their pain and realize that, in many ways, their struggle is not so different from our own. I welcome you to the new wilderness, and to a whole new way of discovering nature's authentic and unforgettable stories." - Lorne Greene

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